The Church of the Master Preschool recognizes your child as a unique gift from God. Using our Christian based curriculum, we believe each child grows and develops at his or her own pace. As such, our Developmental program is designed to be rich in opportunity and flexible enough to meet the needs of your individual child. With our excellent teacher to child ratio, we offer activities in art, music, science, literature, dramatic play, and cooking to provide youngsters with endless opportunities to learn. Even more than adults, children learn by doing. It is essential to immerse children in learning that feels like play. As children mature and advance through the program they are drawn increasingly into activities that will lead to reading (letters and sound relationships), and writing (drawing, easel painting, coloring) and mathematics (number sense, counting, measurement, sorting, grouping, adding and subtracting from a group of objects, comparisons). Our state-of-the-art playground allows children space to run, climb, swing, and stretch themselves physically in a safe space. Your little one will find this a rich outdoor learning environment.  Children receive more structured physical education in daily perceptual motor skills activities. Children are introduced to the love of God through daily age appropriate Bible stories and songs. Under the careful guidance, modeling and encouragement of our dedicated staff, children move naturally from focus on self and parallel play, to acknowledging and learning to share with the other children who make up their world.

At Presbyterian Church of the Master Preschool – also referred to as PCOM Preschool – children are given plenty of time to play, explore, ask questions and figure out answers. We foster self-confidence based on God’s love for each child. Children leave Presbyterian Church of the Master Preschool thoroughly prepared for the high academic expectations of Kindergarten in South Orange County’s reputable schools.

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